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When all I can breath is wildfire smoke

By Ashan Jay | Updated on September 30, 2020

Wildfire Smoke

2 weeks ago Oregon had a bad wildfire spread from multiple wildfires, burning about 200k-300k acres of forests. In my time in Oregon, this is the second bad wildfire that happened closer to where I live. With the wind blowing north, the smoke from wild fires became so bad that an otherwise blue sky at noon looked brown and orange as it was 6pm. The smoke got so bad that it started coming through the doors and windows at night. All we could smell inside the house was smoke. It was like a nonstop campfire.

The Need for Fresh Air

In the need to get away from wild fire smoke, to breath a lung full of fresh air we decided to leave town and head east. When you breath fresh air, when you have fresh air at an abundance, we never think of the fresh air we breath. We take that simply unnoticeable fresh air for granted. Only when the fresh air is scares, and all the fresh air is now smoked air, then only you start to realize the lack of fresh air.

The Fresh Air we take for granted

Never did I think the fresh air I breath was so important and how badly I wanted to breath a bit of fresh air to get a break from smoke filled air, until it was no longer available in the air.

We pass along so many things in our lives that we take for granted – unnoticed in its consumption. It is these simple things in life, that we take for granted, that makes the life on earth so precious. What small things are you grateful for?