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Ashan Jay

Creator of EventON and LifePress

Current Interests UI Design • Art • Woodwork • Kriya Yoga • Pranayama • Plant Medicine • Ayurveda • Coding

Recent Writings What You Said is Very Disrespectful

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WordPress Virtual Event Calendar

EventON is a clutter-free, minimal event calendar plugin for WordPress. It is the #1 best selling event calendar in envato market place with more than 63,000+ installations around the world. The elegant EventON calendar also comes packed with 300+ features that enpower users to achieve various tasks with ease. EventON also has an arsenel of paid extensions that push the capabilities beyond the basics.

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A WordPress Event Journal Plugin

LifePress is a calendar based journal recorder that will allow you to track back progress and review past events to learn from the past and make positive progress in future. With LifePress you can record unlimited daily events easily with unlimited color-coded categories separated for each user. Track back recorded events quickly with weekly and monthly calendar view.

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Sharing My Journey

2 months ago

What You Said is Very Disrespectful

How many times did someone say something and you felt it was disrespectful or it was respectful? It is kind of a learned thing isnt it? What is respectful and…

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6 months ago

Courage To Be By Ourselves

I wanted to explore and write about the power of being alone by ourselves, in light of the passing away of a dear friend I knew from high school. When…

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10 months ago

Educated People Have Caused More Destruction, Than Those Who Are Not

I once saw in a small village in Sri Lanka where people live bare minimum very close to nature. No plastic, no processed foods, no fad diets, no exercise regime,…

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1 year ago

How I recovered from .htaccess attack on WordPress install

.htaccess attacks are very frustrating, period! I wanted to write this to share the numerous methods and techniques I used to recover my websites from a recent .htaccess attack. This…

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1 year ago


If you are procrastinating something, that means obviously you don’t like what you have to do. If you like what you have to do, you wouldn’t stop doing it, wouldn't…

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Free Projects

These are couple of fun projects and artwork I have created under GPLv2 License.
Download, enjoy and use on your projects!


Electromagnetic Spectrum Poster

Infographic poster template about vibrations and electromagnetic spectrum. Specs: 18" x 24" template with 0.25" print margin on 300dpi.

Preview Download .zip Downloaded 107 times


Simple Start/Stop Timer

One click start and stop timer that will reset time on double click. Everything is controlled by clicking on time. Perfect for office task timing.

See in action Download .zip Downloaded 250 times


Gym Countdown timer

A simple Gym countdown timer. I made this to use for my workouts to time rest intervals between sets.

See in action Download .zip Downloaded 206 times