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You are the creator of events in your life.
Journal & track them to make positive progress.

A wordpress event journal plugin

Version 2.0

Record and Track Back

LifePress is a calendar based journal recorder that will allow you to track back progress and review past events to learn from the past and make positive progress in future. With LifePress you can record unlimited daily events easily with unlimited color-coded category tags. Each entry is stored separately for each user. Track back recorded events quickly with weekly and monthly calendar display view.

Responsive Layout

Access the LifePress from any device. LifePress calendar view offers an equal experience on the go via mobile devices or at a PC in a large screen.

Personal Journals Entries

Extend entry details with journal type details typed into the entry. Reflect back later for extended journal view.

Tags & Entries

Create as many color-coded tags as you wish while you create limitless journal entries into LifePress.

Search Past Journal Entries

Integrated search allows you to search easily for recorded entry data for quick view. Click on entries to see more details.

Add Images

Upload images into entries quickly.

Edit Tags Real-Time

Click and edit the existing tags quickly to your wild imaginations.

Own Your Personal Journal Data

With LifePress, journal entry data is all yours. Your personal data is privately saved only in your database and only you can see them. Each logged in user will have their own separate LifePress calendar.

Business Applications

LifePress is a great solution for business organizations that want to influence their members to record daily entries to track progress in a calendar format. Each user's data is only visible to that user and admin in the calendar, which makes it a great team empowering solution. Great solution for life coaches, fitness instructors who want their clients to record progressive data to help their clients make tangible changes in life.

Lifepress Pro

We are bringing a Pro version of Lifepress plugin soon with even more capabilities eg. record metric data, list view of events and much more adding as we break grounds.