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What if all the people realized they don’t need stuff to be happy tomorrow

By Ashan Jay | Updated on July 16, 2020

US economy and the global economy -for the best part- is run by consumers. And these consumers empower big corporations to exists. This whole so called economic system created by humans, and only make sense to humans, and is fully and wholly worshiped by humans, fuels the consumer cog wheel system to keep it running as long as no one steps out of it.

What if tomorrow everyone on earth realizes that they dont need “stuff” to make them feel happy, or to do something, or to make their life better? At some point in the past on earth, these big consumer conglomerates did not exists. So what if it was like that tomorrow. ZERO – what if there is zero interest by consumers to be a consumer tomorrow and for the next 30 days..

What if no one buy anything from amazon tomorrow, like amazon make $0 in sales tomorrow, what if walmart get no sales for their stuff (except for groceries) and what if no one buy anything for another 30 days, 6 months. 

Amazon would make $0 in sales for infinity. They might try ramping up their advertisements and marketing (to super power their effort to convince to their hardest how you need their stuff) until they run out of money. Their whole advertisements and marketing will have to be shut down because there would be no return in it because no one would be buying regardless of how much they advertise. The whole advertising and marketing efforts and departments would become pointless and will be shut down. The product developers (to develop things that they try to convince us, we need and we can not live without) would no longer be needed. Real spiders would start building cobwebs between amazon robots in distribution facilities.

For better part of the whole western world and now most parts of east as well are run purely by people being consumers. People, wanting to try the next best thing. Better phones (for example), that we are – consciously and subconsciously – told we need to have better life to take better pictures, to capture the moments. How we lived our lives for 1000s of years without the need for those better phones are beyond forgotten. Next thing we know, we are hooked into these stuff, these things like a drug addict, for their cool features (the definition of coolness is defined to us by these product companies, and have created in us a need that we need these features) 

If we are lucky we will realize, that all these stuff and the features, does not make our lives better. We have given them too much power, such that the other parts of our lives have gotten weaker, and that had made us wanting these feature and stuff more and more to compensate for the weaker parts of life.

We have given so much power to these consumer product manufacturers that it looks hard to imagine a way without them. And with that enormous power they have come to control more parts of how other people live on this earth.

When those companies only care about making more money off every person by selling stuff (stuff that they dont need in the first place) the fundamentals of our earths eco system is being threatened. All these stuff we need are made mostly from plastic, more and more plastic is created, every discarded stuff for better stuff leaves piles and piles of plastic to be decayed over the next 500 years well after you have left this earth. 

But some may say it is too depressing to think of this sad (yet real) side of life on earth. Why worry about the sad side when you should be enjoying the stuff right now. So we continue to consume the stuff made by stuffers, who try their hardest to convince the non-stuff users that the stuff is what they need to make their life better, to make it easier, to make it comfortable. Consuming the stuff that gives immediate happiness that fades away sooner than lines drawn on a stormy beach. Next thing you know, you are dying next to stuff everywhere that you have attached yourself soo dearly to and cant let go of, but you know you will not take them with you when you die. 

Next time you buy a stuff, think for a second, if you dare to spare a second of your busy life, do I really need this stuff to be happy. If you dont bother to look at the reality you may say “yes I do” and grab that stuff, so the stuffers can continue to make money and you be sucked into their stuffers vacuum for life, until you decide to step out of it. 

Despite what we think or try to convince ourselves, we all have a choice. Does stuff in our lives really need this much of our attention?