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West Arriving Ancients via Science

By Ashan Jay | Updated on April 8, 2021

I keep coming at this thoughts again and again as I pass through western inventions with my heightened awareness – 2500 to 3000 years ago in the Asia, brahmans and shamans and bamunas and Vedas were fasting daily with meditations to still the mind. And these were passed on intuition from their ancestors. And then industrial revolution happened and people like Newton were hailed for discovering how things worked. It makes sense because before that people gave credits to gods or spirits for doing things like making it rain, for crops growing etc. But the science gave new understanding of why things happen the way they do and with that to be able to control it without waiting for gods. 

So that created the great science book with 500 pages (for example) and a very small microscope to inspect and dissect everything. The problem the way I see is, up until recently the western world has been trying very hard to measure the entire world and entire universe and the cosmos using this 500 page book and the tiny microscope. If a shaman comes to a white man and tell him to fast and that will heal his inside, he would say “it is not in my 500 page science book as it will heal my inside so what you say shaman is bullshit, move over I am going to bulldoze these stupid beliefs and spread my 500 page science book to your people too”. 

Dispensary were setup in villages – where people for 1000s of years lived using Ayurveda and herbal medicine, which were instantly transformed when the instant relief from a pill could cure things where herbal medicine took lot longer. This for me is the biggest catch of the science movement. The instant comfort, the instant relief from pain and suffering, is heavens to the one suffering utter pain. But the science was giving these comforts only using their 500 page book without any knowledge of how this instant relief could effect under long term use. 

Natural herbs and plants used in Ayurveda

The universe we live has an insane amount of intelligent that can not be expressed in a 500 page science book (which science is only now realizing). Since industrial revolution where science book was created – about 100 years of science methods has been bulldozing indigenous ancient ways of doing things on the earth for previous 20,000 years or more as if they did not matter any more. And has been ditching and not even considering anything that is outside the science book. 

Only in recent times the science has started opening their eye to things outside their book with the invention of bigger microscopes and generations born with science ways started seeing health issues in unexplainable ways according to the science book. Children born with food allergies like never before and various other ailments that never existed with our ancestors. 

And now with the bigger microscope science started seen things and ideas from east and from our ancestors that were earlier ditched as horse-shit beliefs. Science discovered microbiomes in our gut and how much intelligent there is in them that was previously neglected but was mentioned in ancient text and medicine. Latest science has now discovered that fasting is indeed good for your gut. All those shaman and brahmans 2500 years ago indeed had great wisdom which was ignored and it only took science that may years of ignorance to arrive back at the same ancient insight. 

What I am saying is science is not complete, we should not ignore what is not explained or impossible in science, because with bigger and bigger microscopes, science will come to prove again and again that what was earlier thought as bullshit is indeed true. If going down science path, this must be understood before viewing everything from science and its 500 page book. 

People lived 1000s of years before us had vast intuitive wisdom that was passed on from generation to generation. They lived and they experiment and that’s how they arrive at their conclusions and beliefs. This ancient wisdom we must not throw away just because the science book can not explain it or science says it’s bullshit. Because one day science will catch up to those ancient wisdom. 

This makes me wonder if the ancient vasthu shastra that people believed, may indeed have effects on what happens or not happen. Science says everything is made of atoms and inside an atom there is 99% space which is energy. So mater is energy and earth is constantly in fluctuations with magnetic field which is energy and cosmic energy. Alignments with these energies or not may in fact have effect on what happen. Vasthu shastra is only one of the things and there are many other ancient beliefs like those that may eventually come to show us that they were indeed accurate all those years ago.