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Welcome 2020 – The existence of this site

By Ashan Jay | Updated on January 2, 2020

Hello everyone I am Ashan Jay. I am not an extraordinaire or a smart genius, I am just an average guy who falls just like everyone else but learn from it and stand up taller and through persistence, move forward at an effort that is mostly comfortable to me. Long long time ago, I created EventON, an event calendar plugin for WordPress.

EventON was just a fun project at first. I used google calendar a lot but I did not like the idea of sharing my personal data with google and knowing they sell my data for marketing companies. So I created EventON for people to create events and also be able to own their own data instead of giving it to google. EventON is little over 8 years old today and have a great customer base of 47,000 amazing customers from all parts of the world.

By re-creating ashanjay.com, I am hoping to use this website as a portal for all my creations and other interests to sort of connect them together and to share knowledge about coding and everything that I have learned over the years of running EventON successfully. I also will be using this site to test out new ideas and prototype software I have in-development, to get feed back. In the mean time be sure to check out the gym countdown timer on the home page.

The commenting on this site will be enabled as I slowly add things to this. One thing I do ask is, if you have questions about EventON kindly use our eventON support system for those instead of contact form in this website 😉