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Stock Tank with a bucket of Ice

By Ashan Jay | Updated on September 3, 2021

Since coming across the ice man in “Tools of the titans” by Tim Ferris, my interest grew of Wim hof. I have read his book “Wim hof method” and another related book called “What doesnt kill us” by Scott Carney. Currently I am doing the 10 week classic course by the master himself. The master of Ice!

Into the Ice

No matter how many times I jumped into the cold, every new jump is as daunting as before. Once I get past the initial hurdle, I find that I can stay in there for 10 minutes ore more. Ice have taught me how to breath my way through high stress and uncomfortable situations.

Stock Tank with Ice

Why I do Ice

The first 20 years of my life in Sri Lanka was passed without much of the first-world modern comforts. From what I remember it was filled with lots of great memories and never missing anything. In the current modern life, people live inside climate controlled environments day in day out never really breathing the fresh air. Wearing rubber shoes all the time and never really touching the earth and connecting with earth’s electromagnetic energy. In our modern lives we have become so disconnected from our source. However, our ancestors lived for 1000s of years without any of these comforts, yet connected with their environment in amazing ways. We read stories from our past of great warriors and giants with super strengths conquering vast land in extreme weathers without any of the modern comforts.

The modern comforts are great. It certainly makes things comfortable but it also makes us weak. Makes us rely on them so much so that we can not live without. Ice for me is one element that takes me direct to the source. It helps me get a glimpse of the hidden potentials of my ancestors’ past. Since the beginning of 2021, cold showers and Ice baths have become a part of my morning routine.

What the Ice Do

Stimulate Immune System

Turns out cold showers improves body’s resilience to common illnesses and diseases. (Ref 3) Not just that, it strengthen the body’s response to viruses and bacteria. The plunge into the immediate cold sends shock waves into the bloodstream and stimulates leukocytes (Ref 1) that helps fight infections.

Improve Blood Circulation

Ice cold water in the tank that is colder than body temperature makes the body work harder to maintain core temperature. (Ref 1) That cause the blood to circulate more efficiently, which combined with deep breathing, speed up the delivery of oxygenated blood into every part of the body.

Stimulates antidepressant hormones and improves mood

The cold water sends many electrical shocks to the brain. (Ref 1) Endorphins also called “Happy hormones” are one of them. I have noticed that I always gets out of the Ice tank feeling brighter about the day ahead and more optimistic about life and happier. The effect is more noticeable on the days I don’t jump into the tank. Quite the contrast.

Increase alertness, awareness and concentration

Going into Ice with deep breathing result in significant decrease in CO2, that clears the mind and improves awareness and concentration (Ref 5).

Speed up muscle soreness and recovery

The delivery of freshly oxygenated blood into sore muscles speed up recovery time. (Ref 1) I also practice target muscle concentrated breathing in the cold. Which I have found to relieve soreness of hurting muscle areas.


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