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Educated People Have Caused More Destruction, Than Those Who Are Not

By Ashan Jay | Updated on September 5, 2023

I once saw in a small village in Sri Lanka where people live bare minimum very close to nature. No plastic, no processed foods, no fad diets, no exercise regime, no lavish accommodations, no luxury conveniences.

If I look closely, in this world, people who have PHD, ABC. XYZ after their names have created and cultivated various methods that have caused the most destruction to this wonderful planet. Educated people, thought they were superior to those who had not learned ABC or 123. In that short time span, it felt like the creations they were uncovering, seemed magical. Everyone wanted to be like them to create their own magical creations. They thought they were enhancing human lives. In that short time span in history, everyone who was not educated was mesmerized by their work and wanted to be like them.

Education is a huge empowerment, no question about that. It helped humans break free from an otherwise oppressive cast system and physically exhausting labor class. It helped me tremendously to achieve things unimaginable, had I been stuck to paths without education as those before me.

However, with a limited understanding of what is life, limited just to humans as the most important lives on earth, the educated people run a big show creating wellness and comforts and conveniences for humans. In the 21st century, we stand as the most comfortable humans to ever live on earth. In this pursuit, have we checked to see how many other creatures lost their lives as hindrances to human progress? Have we checked, how much plant life we displace, with millions of creatures (lives) living on it? So much of the destructure beyond human lives has gone unchecked, simply because of the pursuit of educated peoples’ desires to create wellness for just one species of creatures on earth.

I am not going to give the statistics of this destruction, you can look it up. This explosion of human-centered education with a limited understanding of the universe, and life, had caused immense damage. This is also a very recent event, in the span of human history on earth – maybe 200 years, relative to millions of years of human existence. This very recent, explosion of educated humans, has caused more destruction to this wonderful planet, than billions of other humans that lived here, millions of years ago. That is a tragedy.

In the 21st century, I see the direct impact of this right back at us. The ever-changing climate is having to change its systems in drastic ways than before to maintain balance. Earth is not going to break it will always maintain balance. However, the question is at what point will these drastic changes be hostile to life on earth, hostile to humans? So drastic to the point we are not able to bring it back to a level that is conducive to life.

It is time we, expand our identity beyond human-centric-ness, to an all-inclusive earthly level, to include all lives on earth – even the tiny ants, even the commonly weeded-out Dandilions, before empowering humans with education! So that everything we do, will be done to enhance the quality of all the lives that call this place home! Education has helped many break barriers, otherwise impossible, and it has brought us to where we are. From here we must use education in a conscious way, not standard dose to everyone. In a conscious earth-centric way to expand what interests us that can also enhance the entire ecosystem where we live.