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14 Exciting Books that Changed My Trajectory in Life During 2021

By Ashan Jay | Updated on January 3, 2022

2021 was a slow year for the number of books I read compared to 2020. Mainly because the deep nature of the books, which needed more time to comprehend. But the quality of the content I consumed is immense in 2021.

These are the books I read or listened to in 2021. The 14 linked titles are the ones I found to be very exciting and I have listed them in the order I’ve read them.

Documentaries, Podcasts & Interviews

In 2021 I also started listening to conscious media documentaries, podcasts and interviews via gaia.com or spotify podcast channels. Below is the list of those conscious media that I found to be moving and very exciting. I have bolded some of the titles that were exceptional.

  • Gaia – Qigong for healing by chunyi li
  • Gaia – The art of loving your dreams / Mike dooley
  • Gaia – Facing our trans human future – gregg breden
  • Darinolien show – Dr Amy shah intermittent fasting
  • Gaia – Natural resonance meditation with John gray
  • Gaia – Being you changing the world – Dian heer
  • Gaia – Connecting with your life now with Sam horn
  • Gaia – Five levels of manifestation with Pam oslie
  • Gaia – How suffering transform us – Rabi steve ledger
  • Gaia – Life of peaceful warrior- dan milman
  • Gaia – Thriving through uncertainty- tama kieves
  • Gaia – Happiness from inside out – Marci shimoff
  • Gaia – Adventures beyond the body – William buhlman
  • Gaia – The choice for love – barbara de angelis
  • Gaia – The energy codes w/ sue morter
  • Gaia – Liberated living with kute blackson
  • Gaia – Quantum physics on everyday life with fred allen wolf
  • Gaia – Becoming nobody by Ram Das