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Starting from the year 2022, I have been trying to do more of two new things – standing/walking barefoot on grass and getting sun rays on my skin. Such easy things to do, you’d think, yet I’m finding it challenging to do in my daily busy life.

Age-Old Wisdom

My wise mother once told me “If I walk barefoot on grass for 30 minutes a day, it will heal my eyes and will never have to wear glasses”. After reading and hearing about the practice of grounding (or walking barefoot) and its’ various benefits (Ref 1), now I realize that this is great observational science she had passed on to me. The more I find out about the science behind it, the more I am seeing the benefits of this for the human energy field and for healing our bodies. (Ref 2)

Think back to your toroidal biofield: the ascending and descending streams of energy, what the yogic tradition calls the Ida and Pingala, are continuously flowing up and down the central channel. The role of grounding is to keep that flow of energy moving in both directions. Through the feet, we release the descending (positively charged) energy that’s made its way through the system down into the earth and simultaneously soak up fresh new life force (negatively charged) from the ground beneath us.

Eileen Day McKusick on Electric body, electric health

As we make advancements in science to allow us to see the invisible, beyond physical forces and energies, we are being brought back to that age-old wisdom observed and passed on for generations. It gives me great joy knowing that, may it be through science, we are as a collective group, acknowledging and reconnecting with age-old wisdom going forward.

We come to this world without shoes and we run around barefoot touching the earth. I remember doing this when I was little. Then comes school, where we must wear shoes. After years of conforming our feet inside tight contraptions with odd arch support, our feet evolve to fit these shoes, and we become one with shoes so much so that we can not walk without shoes anymore. The rubber bottoms in shoes stop electricity from transferring from our body to the giant electromagnet we are living on, and vice versa. Shoes were great when we had to walk over thrones or sharp rocks, but regular shoes have made our feet weak. We can no longer walk on any subtle harsh ground conditions.

Let alone, if we can find any bare ground these days at the rate at which we are adding new hard concrete sidewalks and paved roads everywhere. I once lived in a place, where there was more open ground and dirt roads than there were paved hard ground. When it rains, those roads would be a muddy mess. I then dreamt of a day where those would be paved solid so walking and driving would be easy-breeze on any day. Now I am in a place where my dreams have been realized. And only through this realization, I now see how the open ground is needed as much as the hard-covered ground.

The ocean, the mountains, the deserts, a wooded grove — The Earth Mother in all of her infinite compassion and strength has remarkable powers to restore vitality. Wash yourself in the pure water of the streams, put your bare feet on the good earth, fall asleep in the arms of an ancient tree. There is good medicine to be found in nature. It is long lasting and heals the soul.

Rosemary Gladstar on Herbal Healing

Grounding, The Art of Touching the Earth

It is winter in the Pacific Northwest, yet I dare try to walk or stand for a few minutes barefoot, sometimes after my Ice Tank Bath. I hope to connect with Earth’s electromagnetic healing energy and continue this practice as long as I can as I once used to do.

Touching the earth and feeling the earth gives you some magical feeling deep inside. No wonder we have been making earth un-friendly choices for years. Because we have been disconnected from the earth with our rubber shoes, rubber mats, rubber tiles, laminated plastic floors, etc. In that type of disconnected state of mind, it is very easy to look at immediate benefits to us over long-term detriment to us and our environment.

I can not wonder, why anyone would not want to connect with the earth and reap the healing benefits and make ourselves feel better.

My new routine of touching the earth

Finding Clean Grass in a Chemical World

Where I grew up, green lawns and the well-maintained lawn were a possession of the elite. But I don’t recall ever spraying chemicals on the grass to kill weeds or loud gas-powered lawn movers. Today I live in American suburbia, where loud gas movers and spraying chemicals on a regular basis, are standard practices of mostly underpaid Mexican lawn companies. We are so focused on the clean green-looking grass, that we are blinded by the harm the process of it is causing us. These chemicals we spray to kill weeds don’t just kill weeds, they get washed into drain water, and into wastewater management plants, and then pumped right back for us to drink. Most of these chemicals are not even filtered out. (Ref 3)

If we stand on these chemical fertilizer sprayed grass, we will probably absorb them too. If you look at the picture above, we never spray chemicals on our grass. There are many dandelion leaves, many clovers, and many other green leaves. So what? Nature is not just one type of green grass and everything else is killed away. Nature is a diversity of plants living in its co-existence.


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