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10 Things to do during lockdown to stay sane and come out stronger

By Ashan Jay | Updated on April 22, 2020

Before all this, we all lived busy lives doing this doing that going on nonstop. The virus gave us an unimaginable pause from all that, that we could not have asked for otherwise. No restaurants, no bars, no shows, no gymnasiums – all this gives us an amazing opportunity to reflect on what truly is important in life and reflect on ourselves and people important to us in our lives. Below is a list of things I personally have adopted to stay sane during the lock down and to come out of it someday as a better human being.

  1. Listen to music – Replace the social media clutter in your life with music. By listening to your favorite music can take you back to amazing times, and that is quite unparalleled.
  2. Meditate daily – I have been meditating on and off for quite some time and I have recently started meditating right after waking up. There are several apps that offer great free meditation sessions such as https://insighttimer.com/
  3. Read or listen to non-fiction books – Reading takes you away from reality to another universe and reading non-fictions can help you learn one or two life hacks and ways to improve yourself. As a slow reader I find listening to audio books works just as reading an actual book.
  4. Workout 5-6x a week – Working out and taking care of your body is imperative for our body to function properly to perform to its’ best potential. I am very grateful to have a home gym where I do weight lifting and HIIT cardio on spin bike, totallying to 6 times a week. Also incorporate conditioning and foam rolling to fix damaged muscle fibers and not get injured.
  5. Improve on your hobby – My hobby is painting and I have started drawing more paintings and have found several inspirations that I am hoping to paint up next.
  6. Read and learn more about investingThe intelligent investor is one book that covers a lot of investing basics in stock market. The bear market we are in from the pandemic has also created a great opportunity to buy discount stocks. What better time to learn about investments to take advantage of than right now.
  7. Practice cooking new recipes with new ingredients – When I was growing up we hardly ate out, my mother cooked all our food from scratch. With lot of restaurants closed, what better time to learn to cook than this. I have started cooking with ingredients I have long forgotten and with new ones such as Moong Dal, Hing (asafetida), Nelum ala (lotus root) and Pathola (Snake Gourd)
  8. Learn a new language – I enjoy learning new languages though it can be frustrating at first, once you learn the basics and are inside it, things start clicking in. I just finished Michel Thomas Intermediate French and I am going to start his Italian classes soon. I find his method to be very intuitive and the things he teaches stick very well.
  9. Play with your family – play a game, build a treehouse, plant a garden with your family. Time spent away from technology with actual people doing things that engage everyone is just wonderful to the soul. For my recent project, I am just wrapping up a nice little tree house I built for my son in our backyard.
  10. Develop your fun project into a business – If you still have more time to spare, what better way to spend it than converting your fun projects into actual business ideas. The only idea thats useless is the one you did not do anything with.

Just as you spend time on these above things, it can become too much at times and not wanting to do them, which is quite normal. When its hard to do those, when it feels like pulling dead elephants, accept it and take a break for a change – watch a movie or a tv show or go for a scenic drive (if you can drive still) But it is important to realize too much of the break can be bad. Like watching too many movies and tv shows could take up so much time and next thing you know several days are gone and you made no progress on other things. Practice moderation.

This change in life style is hard for everyone as we are used to going out and having fun. But this is a pause much needed, as a matter of fact for the earth, a pause from all the polluting CO2. What are you going to do to better yourself from this pause?