So last year I started the tradition of sending out Christmas cards to my awesome clients, without whom I would not be where I am today. Last year’s Christmas Card design was nothing special, and when I designed last year’s card I decided that this year I would make the Christmas card something special.

Concepts and Ideas

As a natural artist, I always design my ideas on paper and pencil and then transform to illustrator. I started sketching few ideas. Below is one of the designs concepts.

I was not very happy with what I came up with. So I browse the web for some inspirations on Christmas card ideas. Pulled out my drawing pad and started sketching and then I came up with this year’s winning concept.

Final Design: matte finish on 16pt card

I showed my concept to couple of my friends and family and they were really impressed with the design. So I decided this is it and moved on to illustrate the concept. After making several adjustments to digital version, this is the final design that I printed on 16pt Card to send out this year. UPS guy dropped the cards yesterday, and I LOVE the finish on these cards!


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