The long awaited update to event calendar plugin is here with some of the features that everyone has been asking for.

Major Key Points

Repeating events

You can now add weekly and monthly repeating events with different repeating gaps and different amount of repeats. Pretty exciting stuff here. The whole event calculations system had been updated during this process to support future scalability.

Upcoming events

Another feature that is included in this update – that has been asked by so many buyers – is the upcoming events list. You can now show a list of upcoming events and limit the number of events shown per month as well as limit the number of months to show in this list.

Other noteworthy updates

  • Ability to hide the sort bar from backend options
  • Event card icons can now be updated from backend
  • Primary font for the calendar can also be changed now

This update has some serious -most wanted – improvements and features, so download it and give it a try.

You can buy this plugin at AJDE Event Calendar Plugin


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