After 491 downloads and 1 year of selling, 4 star-rated, AJDE Event Calendar plugins is still going strong and have a bunch of cool features yet to come in the future. I want to thank you all who purchased this plugin, without whom this plugin would not be where its at now.

So for the 1 year anniversary of this plugin I have released the big version 2.0 update.

Here is whats new with version 2.0

Meetup & Eventbrite API

Meetup API is now supported. Also the eventbrite API get a boost in UI/UX with interactive data-bridge. You can now type in the event ID from either API and use that event data to connect to event calendar and to populate the event calendar event. Pretty cool huh?

Event Card

The other big change is the “Event Card” You can now add variety of event information to an event in a cool layout thats informative. You can also add a featured image for an event – which by the way has a hover animation. This event card is a step towards more exciting features for event calendar in the future.

Customize Appearance

You can now customize the look of the calendar in the settings without having to go through custom styles.

New Event fields

Event Organizer is a new field that’s added to event data.

You can now link an event to a URL or have the event open the event card with more information.

This update also fix couple of other bugs with language settings saving and other minor things.

Following AJDE Event Calendar

There are lot more neat features I am hoping to add in the future. and you can follow these updates via twitter #ajdeevcal or in here.

This was a lot of cool additions to AJDE event calendar after 1 year of selling and I hope those who bought this and plan to buy this will enjoy these updates and the new features.

You can purchase event calendar plugin at AJDE Event Calendar


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