elegant. clean

We strongly believe in minimal designs that speaks thousand words in its elegance. The subtle high-quality of a simple design that is not too little but fullfill its expectations, is what we follow. The true beauty of a minimal design lies with its’ clean and clear background. If this is what your design expectations, please contact us and we would love to help you.

Did you know?

Since October 2011, we have been running our website from the Cloud.

Majority of our website developing work is done using Notepad++ text editor

Frequency of web programming languages used at AJDE (est.)

We use latest and advanced web technology

We develop websites from the latest and advanced technologies available today. As an example take a look at our Contact Page We have used Google maps API there along with raphael script to draw contact circle on canvas (SVG). And if you noticed our logo uses frame by frame animation created with CSS and JQuery. And we have a lot of CSS3 effects through out our website. When it comes to web, we know the latest!

Where did it all start?

AJDE was started by designer/developer Ashan Jay right after college. His passion for high-quality simplistic design styles were later combined with end-user (client) centered web development on content management platform. AJDE since have grown its operation to serve clients and deliver results with a highly satisfying ROI.